Spring Happiness

This is the reason I love the spring.  I love that April showers clean away the harsh winter we’ve endured and allow nature to begin anew.  A fresh start to a new season.  I enjoy watching life spring forth from everything around me from the trees to the flowers to the animals that are coming forth from their winter lairs.


My wife has a small garden that we have very little planted, unfortunately.  Strawberries are one of the fruits we all enjoy eating and this little one is the first strawberry of the year.  We will see about a bushel of strawberries before the season ends but, this is the first and most important one…in my opinion.  It represents the beginning of harvest and the beginning of life. There is something about eating fresh off the vine that causes it to taste better.

Spring not only brings the wildlife out into the sun but, my family and I as well.  Though we do plenty outside all year long during the fall and winter we are covered in layers of clothing protecting ourselves from the cold.  Spring brings with it warmth and sunshine and feeling the sun warm the skin is a pleasure I like to take the time to enjoy.  I will even go so far as to set up a make-shift office out on the porch to work instead of being cooped up in my home office.  The sounds of nature and the fresh air make me feel better and thus affects my productivity.  It has also been shown that sunlight helps in your overall sleeping at night. (Sleep Study)

I honestly haven’t seen any change to my sleeping since setting up outside compared to working in my cubicle in the office but, I do know when I was trapped in a cubicle within the belly of an office I had a foreboding feeling of depression and anxiety.  I can’t speak to there being a correlation, just to my feelings at the time.  I dreaded walking into the office knowing that all I’d see all day long was a puke colored fabric wall, listening to the buzz of fluorescent lighting that just killed my eyes.  You can read a good article on fluorescent lighting here at Fast Company.

Overall I just enjoy the spring.  I am an early riser, typically pre-5 a.m., and enjoy sittiFlowerng on the porch with a cup of coffee and watching the sun rise.  The birds singing in the background and the rooster (we have a dozen or so chickens for the eggs) welcome the morning.  There have been several mornings where I’ve been able to catch a deer or two grazing in the pasture beside the house.  The serenity of the experience is a great way to begin my day.



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